Designer Personal Background

He looks to the streets of NYC and to history of California's origins, with cities named after some of his ancestors....(wait, warning, this could get boring).  This is the personal background of the designer who has spent half his life in California and half in New York.  It matters only to give you an understanding behind the particular authentic American styling you see in each garment.

A long time ago, in a land we call California... okay, not that long ago, being of Yaqui/Chumash Native American / Spanish Explorer descent; Pablo often incorporates bits of his historical 'Californio' roots into his collections.  Early life experiences and an advanced skill in drawing inspired him to pursue fashion design.  With the family moving into some Secondhand Thrift Stores when he was 9, he fostered exceptional artistic skills and an eye for clothes of many generations.  There he played among racks of clothing, exposed to mounds of vintage clothing and memorabilia, which included heaps of Military clothing.  He developed this talent growing up, in The Projects and then back to his family's 'hood.  Combining thrift store treasures and classic American essentials with touches of Military and Native American motifs he's able to channel his unusual path of his youth towards the youth culture.  

One College, Two Cities

He developed his fashion design skills with 4 years at the Otis Art Institute / Parson’s School of Design in California, instead of taking the Art Center's equal offer.   After graduation, it was off to NYC from LA and the whole process of time and experience takes shape for the next few decades.

Enough!  Agree?  Let's stop here.  Time to start designing.