Designer Background

Artisanal, cut one at a time, or in small batches.  The collection created is one that serves as a springboard for future designs.  Utilizing the varied background of the designer's experience in men's and women's fashion., he incorporates his expertise into each and every garment.

The goal set out is to connect the buyer to the garment they want, not the garment they are shown.  Think of it as part, Design Studio, part Showroom, part Retail Store & part Production Factory.  This site is here for you to have a garment Crafted, not just produced.

'The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.'  Every style and garment on this site, is but one example of the dozens of variations that could have been presented to you.  What is presented should be thought of as a starting point that relies on strong foundations of skill, knowledge, experience and continuous research.  With the designer's craftsmanship, artisanal attention to detail and fit expertise, he combines unique luxury materials to create timeless yet original designs.  When you add your stylish flair and fashion sense, a new creation can be uniquely co-created.  

After decades of designing, the designer has put together a collection of sportswear and leather that creatively imbues American classics with a subversive and very subtle, edge of cool.  Gathering historic and functional references from the U.S. Army, defining iconic style for Kenneth Cole and Members Only, he's inspired by the youth culture coast to coast, and continent to continent.

Hundreds of thousands have worn his designs throughout this country and many others.  You can see traces of Uptown & Downtown New York City Street mixed with Cali Cool.  It is definitive American styling, incorporating luxe essential fabrics with contemporary fashion and military functionality. His sensibilities are a melding of his experience and heritage that span both coasts of America.    

Before starting his first label, he was the Men's Director of Outerwear Design for KENNETH COLE during it's rapid ascent in the late 90's.  The shoe brand quickly became known for it's men's leather jackets.  Besides being the designer of the hottest leather brand, he designed many iconic 90's looks, such as a croc embossed blazer in this new sci-fi flick called 'The Matrix' and yeah... the Backstreet Boys 1st album cover.  (It was his job.  You don't have to repeat that to anyone) Hey, remember, it was the original 90's that much of today's 'new' oversized fit is from.  Good times.  Pre-9/11.

In 2002 the designer launched the womenswear label 'june'.  Established in New York's 'Meatpacking District'; back when it changed from a market for Meat into a Meet market.  His contemporary women's developed out of a need to allow a woman to dress younger without shopping the junior market. Starlets were found wearing 'june', such as Kelly Ripa (4 leather jackets!), Hayden Panettiere (2 jackets), Kim K, Paris and modeled by Jill Flint (of Royal Pains & Night Shift), Jade from ANTM and even Vanessa Trump.  Much of the uniquely feminine leather clothing was available at select retailers including Barneys New York and in Tokyo, Bendels, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom's, Anthropologie, Traffic LA, Kitson, Fred Segals, By George as well as Lane Crawford in Asia and Shinsegai. In total, the brand was sold in nearly 300 stockists across a dozen countries and featured in dozens of magazines.

Most recently, Pablo unintentionally found himself being the U.S. ARMY brand's Design Director for a collection of clothing that rivaled the troops authentic gear.  Often times it surpassed in higher quality, for lack of restrictions on materials set by the Quartermasters.  With Duane 'The Rock' Johnson as our brand ambassador and the rise of military wear becoming a youth culture staple, how could this US ARMY brand not be everywhere?  Red Tape, perhaps.  (I'm not asking it, but... What else is new?)

If you own a MEMBERS ONLY jacket, you could be as old as the designer who rocked one in his High School picture (shown embarassingly above).  Perhaps you could be wearing one that he re-fit and proportioned 5 years back.  It was poppin' in a recent comeback with the hipster, with skinny jeans, and on people that other people were peeping.  Perhaps 'ironically' or just because it reminds them of their dads, like The Beibs, Zac, A-Trak, Chris Brown, Jon Voight's jacket in Ray Donovan, Ray-J, The Situation, (I know, right?), and we can't forget the OG himself, Hasselfoff.  Ohhh, you don't know.  Maybe you don't want to know them, but yeah the fit and water-repellency made that old dude jacket cool again. (right??;) 

Pablo Porfirio's new obsession is living life.  Viva Vida is just that obsession.   VIVA VIDA, or LIVE LIFE is used to express a more personal collection, of leather and linen, 'COOL meets COOL' sportswear and outerwear.  

He feels, involving the garment and the wearer in it's creation is playful, modern and collaborative.  By allowing the consumer to co-create, the designer also wants the garments to feel more personal to the consumer.  

The latest collection is focused on life's off-duty clothing needs. The look is off-duty chic; a style that is meant for 'out of the office' activities.  

When ordering you can choose from different linings and insulations, or you can remove or change a detail or trim accessory.  After all, what is more chic than designing your own clothes in your off-duty time?