Design your own garment, from our collection

If designing clothing was easy...

When you shop, do you often think, "I like it but..", "What if...", because you have some good ideas?  Unfortunately, designing clothes isn't just about good ideas.  We take care of the hard, laborious part of creating clothing.  You pick something and let us know how You would do to it.  It's that simple!  No need to do all that we have to do just to get it to you.

Leave the hard part to us.

What makes it so hard to create a garment?  Just to name a few, we'd say that the fit is one huge issue.  So many people, so many shapes.  As well, the sourcing, the choosing or buying of the high quality materials and not to mention the day to day of making sure every detail is perfectly done. Knowing what each buyer wants in a design is the second hardest part, since each buyer is a little different and designers can't read minds.  

What we do & how we do it.

This website is a virtual Showroom and a Design Studio that let's us bring our work from our actual studio and workshops in these pic.  We develop items to continually add to our collection.  The styles can be from various seasons to sell to the region or climate the buyers are in. Seasons are less relevant than climates.  You get to see ideas as they develop and if you like, you can ask for a variation one any you choose.  It's somewhere between Wholesale and Retail, it's Me-tail

Flexible design & production.

Flexibility is where we are different from other brands.   The difference is in the details and some can be altered before finishing the garment.  We are offering styles to retailers at wholesale prices for bulk orders, but anyone can buy one-of-a-kind pieces here.


Co-Create your heirloom.

This new type of customization is customer-ization.   It’s a new form of luxury that lies between mass production and artisanal handcrafting.  Retail stores carry 'stock', 'take it or leave it'.  We start making after you order, after you design it.  We offer you ideas, you make some choices.  Do you have better ideas and patience?  Upgrade it in an email and find out if it's possible.  We live in a connected world with access to quality and new design like we never had before. 

Upgrade your garment like you would your phone.

Like a bigger hard drive, it's the insides that count and what costs more. You know what you need; the designers and stores can only guess.  You can choose from a basic lining or upgrade to our luxe linings and insulations such as Goose Down.  Where you live, how you live, or where you're traveling to requires different linings.  To some, items may be too light for their climate, but to others in warm areas they are quite fine.  Feel like cuddling? Why not try our softest Modal knit?  Your climate too warm, pick a linen mesh lining; too cold and you can add some polyfill or quilting.  

Your choices dictate the price.

Prices are based on which details you choose, which linings you need and which material each design is made in.   Select the Wash, the Treatments or Metal Trims.   Choose a dark metal, or a shiny one.  Make it studded, or clean finished.  Raw Edged or Regular Seams because you like it clean and simple.  We offer you suggestions, but if you want to make a special request, just send us an email and we can see if it's possible.