Here's a brief background on the designer and the brand:

There's just too much sauce here so we are gonna let you start co-creating, but if you want to know more about the designer behind the brand:

This is not the Life of Pablo, but it helps to understand his latest work.  Creating for brands like Kenneth Cole, Member Only and most recently the design director for the U.S. Army brand of clothing.  Pablo's deep understanding of all elements of garment design and construction come from years of experience.   

  • The styles on this site range from everyday essentials to rockin' rebel; kind of like the way you live your life.  Because of the background and history of the designer the clothing ranges from classic city modern styling, to historically military influenced details and touches of his hispanic and Native American roots.
  • Pablo Porfirio personally designs each and every garment which means that the name on the label isn't just the boss, like most name brands.  He personally made it possible to help you finish the design.  He's taken care of the hard technical parts.  Every seam, curve and cut is carefully tended to before it can be put on the website.  As simple as that sounds, you will rarely find a brand name where the name on the label actually does all the designing, fitting, research and all that it takes.
  • Living and designing in Harlem, NYC and Guangzhou, China.  Born and raised in Southern California.
  • This site is brand new and serves as a way for a single designer to present ideas and concepts to the public and at the same time offer styles for retailers to sell in upcoming seasons.  It is a virtual Design Studio and Showroom.  It's not a store, it's more of a lab.  In fact, some of the fabrics are limited so production of some items will be limited editions.
  • 2016 marks the first year of this brand after having his first brand 'JUNE' in the early 2000's in the NYC's Meatpacking District.  Nearly 3 decades designing Leather, outerwear and lifestyle sportswear, Pablo Porfirio is now creating his eponymous label.
  • The "See Now, Buy Now" model adopted by many smaller designers as well as some of fashion's largest brands has changed the way consumers can now shop in season when the major retailers and boutiques shop a collection.  When winter is approaching, a brand presents the next season's collection.  That means it's nearly 6 months in advance but when the consumer is exposed online to what is presented, you just can't wait.
  • The people in our factory team have worked together for over 15 years.  It's a small team that crosses borders and cultures.  There is no board of directors, shareholders or overpaid executives that require pricing to be unexplainably high.   The costs are kept low to allow you to get higher quality for a lower price.
  • Email the designer directly at: if you have special requests or questions.  He is currently working on projects with other designers and is available to collaborate with large retailers on private label, if requested.
  • Social links: on Instagram, @luxeleather on Twitter,