Fit and Quality make the difference

There's so many people that have trouble with sizing when it comes to buying on the internet.  In fact, nearly 27% of all people claim they have to return something due to fit or quality.

With our collection, we try to make things 'TRUE TO SIZE'.  That means that on a size chart, we make the fit comfortable, so if you are a Size Medium, you can relax in size Medium.  If you like fitted skinny looking clothes, you may be able to squeeze into the size below and if you like the loose casual fit, perhaps you should go a size up.

Here are some articles on fit that might help you understand what others do in regards to fit.

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Size isn't all that matters when it comes to buying clothing.  We use only better materials to make sure that you are pleasantly surprised by what you received, rather than allow you to think you could have got something like this for cheaper.

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Anyhow, what we are trying to say is that you shouldn't have such a hard time buying.  Send us an email to <> for any questions or concerns.