Designing around the world

One of the places that I get to go, or rather have to do is travel.  This last trip I spent 2 1/2 months in Asia.  2 weeks of it was at this design studio in a city that produces roughly 80% of all leather goods to China.  There are 6000 factories surrounding this city, just to make leather jackets, bags and shoes along with furs for the domestic market of China.

The design studio has many floors with facilities to work with and to reside in.   Above are some bundles of leather to take a look at that are provided by local suppliers.  Below is a desk downstairs where we can work on the computers and enjoy tea or a cappuccino.

Below you can see part of the office space in my residence space and off to the right a public resting space for the other designers to mingle if we wish to avoid the visitors to the design space.

In this design studio I work with suppliers, meet with factories and we just have brainstorms about the leather industry.  Often times we just sit around and eat and drink but lots of time we see what people are working on.

Since my business is so small, I am not able to utilize the reach I am making with these suppliers and vendors at the moment, but I am creating relationships which I hope to last as long as my oldest, and that is 15 years.  In the meantime, I am teaming up with other designers and we are sharing our insights from each of our respective countries, such as Italy, France and South Korea.